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Home Page


  • Join us! Regent Square Yard Sale will be Saturday, May 12th from 8:00am – 2:00pm. Registration for sellers is now closed….and the Hot List and Map of all 101 sellers is now up for you to plan your shopping route! See you Saturday!
  • We have had to reschedule the first Second Saturday event of 2018. It was previously scheduled for Saturday, May 12; it is now re-scheduled for Saturday, June 9. So (re)mark your calendars and join us in June for a fun afternoon!
  • A recent event in Regent Square has prompted the Board of Directors of the Regent Square Civic Association to issue the following statement:

    On October 25, 2017, a hate crime targeted an African-American couple living in Regent Square. The Regent Square Civic Association, as represented by the Board of Directors, strongly denounces this reprehensible act and all acts like it. The RSCA is committed to ensuring that all feel welcome to live, work, and play in Regent Square. In fact, the diversity and inclusiveness of Regent Square is a key attraction for many of the neighborhood’s residents and businesses. In the coming year, the RSCA Board will take steps to make Regent Square a more open, welcoming, and inclusive community for all of its residents and visitors. The Board welcomes any and all suggestions and contributions from the Regent Square community to help advance this goal.

  • Support your neighborhood and renew your RSCA membership for 2018. (NEW: sign up online) Your dues are tax deductible and help to support your community!
  • RSCA has switched over to a new email system! Sign-up now so you can be informed with our (upcoming) weekly emails about happenings in and around Regent Square.
  • Artist-signed prints of the REGENT SQUARE MURAL — A Bird’s Eye View — are available. Complete this Mural Order Form and mail or email it to us get yours today. They make great gifts, too!

Are we missing something you need from the old web page?  Drop us a line to let us know what we missed and we’ll move it over.  Don’t worry, we saved a copy of both the old home page as well as some really old posts .